Remy McCarthy, et al., v. Toyota Motor Corp., et al.

U.S. District Court for the Central District of California
Case No. 8:18-cv-00201-JLS-KES
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SETTLEMENT UPDATE: The deadline to submit a claim has now passed. On February 3, 2023, the Court issued its order granting final approval of the proposed settlement and Plaintiffs’ request for attorneys fees and incentive awards (“Final Approval Order”). A copy of that Order and the related Final Judgment can be found under the “Important Documents” section of this website, here.

The following dates will govern the terms of the Settlement:

Final Effective DateMarch 6, 2023

Commencement of the Customer Confidence and Loaner/Towing programsMarch 7, 2023

Last day to submit a claim for reimbursable expenses incurred prior to March 6, 2023June 6, 2023  

Time Limit For Appealing a denial of benefits under the Customer Confidence Program:

1.  If you are provided with a document from a Toyota Dealer bearing the following language, the appeal must be submitted within 45 days of the date listed on the document: “To appeal the denial of a loaner, tow or repair related to the Inverter and/or IPM, you must submit an appeal form, which can be found on this website. Your appeal must be submitted within 45 days from the date on this document.”  

2.  If you do NOT receive a document containing this language, the appeal must be submitted within one year of the date of the denial of coverage.  

If You Currently or Previously Owned or Leased a 2010-2015 Prius or 2012-2017 Prius V, You Could Get Benefits from the Proposed Settlement of  A Class Action Lawsuit Concerning Allegedly Defective IPMs/Inverters Installed In these vehicles.

Summary of Settlement benefits: 
   (1) Customer Confidence Program: A 20-year/unlimited-mileage warranty extension, providing cost-free repair or replacement of the IPM or Inverter under certain conditions. See FAQ #10 .
   (2) Cost-free loaner vehicle and/or towing program: Certain conditions must be met to be eligible. See FAQ #11 .
   (3) Reimbursement Fund: To pay for unreimbursed IPM and Inverter repairs and replacements and/or related towing and rental car expenses, but only if you file a timely claim.  See FAQ #12 
   (4) Possible Redistribution Check if certain conditions are met. See FAQ #13  for details/eligibility.
   (5) Possible charitable, cy pres payment to Texas A&M University Transportation Institute. See FAQ #14 .

This is just a Summary of benefits.  For more details please click here.  Para ver este aviso en español, visite este enlace.

This website will, among other things: (1) provide you with information and answer questions about the Settlement; (2) list all relevant dates and any changes to those dates (which are subject to change, so please check back often); (3) facilitate contact with the Settlement Administrator if you require assistance; and (4) enable you to electronically file a Registration and Reimbursement Claim Form for reimbursement of certain out-of-pocket expenses and/or register to receive a possible Redistribution Check, if funds remain after class members are reimbursed for expenses related to the repair of an Inverter.  If you wish to opt-out of the Settlement, you may also do that through this website, here.

This website is also where you will find copies of relevant documents, including the Settlement Agreement and Amendment, which contains all of the Settlement details.

If you received a postcard in the mail about the Settlement, please keep that postcard in your glove box (and provide it to any subsequent owner of your vehicle), because it contains important information about those  Settlement benefits that transfer with your Vehicle.

For additional information, please see the Settlement Agreement, the FAQs, and the Long Form Notice, which contains important information about your rights and how to exercise them, your options, and current deadlines. Your legal rights are affected, whether you act or do not act. You are encouraged to periodically check this Settlement website, because it will be updated with additional information.

You are part of this settlement if you are a person, entity or organization (a) who, as of May 19, 2022, owns or leases  one or more 2010-2015 Prius and 2012-2017 Prius V vehicles, which were the subject of Safety Recalls E0E, F0R, J0V, and/or 20TA10 (referred to as the  “Subject Vehicles”), or (b) who, at any time before May 19, 2022, owned or leased a Subject Vehicle.  This is called the “Class.” The Class has been certified for settlement purposes only.



You may submit a Registration and Reimbursement Claim Form for the following Out-Of-Pocket costs on a Subject Vehicle that were incurred prior to the Final Effective Date and that were not otherwise reimbursed by Toyota: (a) the cost to repair or replace an IPM or Inverter, (b) rental car expenses incurred in connection with the repair or replacement of an IPM or Inverter and/or (c) towing expenses incurred in connection with the repair or replacement of an IPM or Inverter. Filing a claim is the only way that you can get reimbursed for these Out-Of-Pocket Costs.
The date has now passed.
If you are a Class Member who had the Inverter and/or IPM in your Subject Vehicle replaced (at your own expense or under warranty) prior to the Final Effective Date, you may be eligible for a Redistribution Check for up to $250, which will be available only if sufficient funds remain in the Settlement Fund once all valid Out-of-Pocket Claims have been paid out of that Settlement Fund, unless it is administratively unfeasible.
If Toyota possesses information sufficient to determine that your Subject Vehicle has had its IPM or Inverter replaced and how to contact you, you will be notified by First-Class mail that a Redistribution Check will be sent to you without the need for you to  file a Registration and Reimbursement claim form (but, again, only if money remains in the Settlement Fund after all claims for reimbursement of Out-of-Pocket expenses have been paid, unless it is administratively unfeasible).
Unless you have received notice that you are automatically registered for this benefit, you must submit a timely Registration and Reimbursement Claim Form to be eligible for Redistribution Funds (if available and administratively feasible).
The date has now passed.
Upon the Final Effective Date, Toyota will implement the Customer Confidence Program. If you have not opted out of the Settlement, your Subject Vehicle will be covered by the Customer Confidence Program, which enhances existing warranties by providing certain cost-free repairs or replacements of the IPM and/or Inverter for twenty (20) years from the date of First Use of the Subject Vehicle pursuant to certain terms, and also includes a Loaner/Towing Program, whereby, under certain conditions and without cost to Class Members Toyota shall provide (i) a complimentary Loaner Vehicle as set forth in the Settlement Agreement and/or (ii) either towing or reimbursement for towing expenses to the Toyota Dealer as set forth in the Settlement Agreement, in order for the Subject Vehicle to undergo an Inverter and/or IPM repair and/or replacement pursuant to certain terms.
March 7, 2023

If you have any questions about the settlement or need assistance, please call 1-833-942-3997, or fill out this form, or write to the settlement administrator at this address:

Prius IPM Settlement Notice Administrator c/o Kroll Settlement Administration,
PO Box 5324,
New York, NY 10150-5324

All correspondence, including but not limited to paper claim forms, must be directed to this address. Please Do Not Contact the Court.

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Please read for a full explanation of the settlement and your options and all applicable timelines.

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Important Dates

  • Final Effective Date

    Monday, March 6, 2023

    The latest date on which the Final Order and/or Final Judgment approving this Settlement Agreement becomes final.

  • Customer Confidence and Loaner/Towing

    Tuesday, March 7, 2023

    Commencement of the Customer Confidence and Loaner/Towing programs.

  • Deadline to submit a Registration and Reimbursement Claim Form

    Tuesday, June 6, 2023

    This date has now passed.


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